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24 July 14

What I’ve learnt about SM Entertainment because of their constant law suits (long post)

Can I just say, the truth behind SM Entertainment’s constant law suits with their artists is because a of flaw in their  management. I know that is a bit of a generalisation, but I mean honestly think about it. Kpop, more than anything really is a business, and as a business SM has a certain amount of duty of care to their employees (artists). If one person isn’t happy with the way they are being dealt with, of course they will do whatever it takes to leave. What make me say this? Well the other day my sister (who is an auditor) told me about one of her colleagues who left during a really busy time because she could not take the stress any more. It was obvious that they were being overworked (she would stay up until 2AM trying to finish work and still have a ton left over and this is during normal time). In a way this is negligence on the part of the company she works for as they need to employ more workers and have a better handle on their work loads rather than put all the pressure on their limited number of employees. 
SM Entertainment is a very large company with a very high stake within the Korean entertainment industry and media. They have a lot of power so in a way they can do what they like and not really have to worry about rumours because of the amount of power they hold. We can parallel this to major corporations around the world who also exploit the workers who make their products. Heck if SM is exploiting their artists in front of the camera, who knows what they’re doing to the people behind the scenes?

What I’m really trying to say is that the law suits they’ve held against JYJ, Hangeng and most recently Kris shows that there is something going wrong behind the scenes. I know not everyone is going to be happy with their jobs and the people they work for, but because of the nature of the industry SM works in, they need to take extra care with their artists, no matter how solid and strict their contracts may be. It doesn’t excuse negligence to provide artists and workers with happy and healthy working environments.

To be honest this newest law suit that Kris filed against SM makes me really disappointed in SM. You would have thought that they would have learnt their lesson with the last two but no, they obviously didn’t. Also I don’t think that the entire things is because Kris wanted to act, law suits are expensive and EXTREMELY strenuous (especially if it is against a major company like SM, they would basically have lawyers trained in turning your words against you which is why Kris would be staying quiet until the end of the case). In a way you could say that he would have been better off waiting for his contract to end, but we don’t know what really happens when the cameras are off.

And to the question of why others haven’t left, well as I said before, law suits are extremely strenuous and very expensive, they’re not for everyone. Also Kris leaving could be him trying to address an issue that the rest of the group would be facing too, its just he had the courage to try and take a stand against it. Anyway what I’m really trying to say is, the news of Kris’ law suit could have been handled better by SM themselves. The way the news went out of control just showed how little tact they have in solving issues. If they themselves had any wish for Kris to withdraw the suit, they would have kept Exo out of the spotlight when they weren’t going about their daily schedules. It was unfair of them to let reporters in as soon as the case was confirmed as the boys would have been extremely emotional and still trying to register their own feelings, as we, their fans, were.

This entire case also highlights how manipulative the media can be. In almost every media outlet I looked on, Tao’s comment on Kris’ leaving was an act of “betrayal”, however I scrolled through one Allkpop article which added in brackets that “betrayal” could also be interpreted as “an act of bad faith”. I think we are all aware of how big of a word “betrayal” is compared to “bad faith”. Also, the very first Sina article that was publish on the matter had “Could result in him leaving Exo”, of course no teenage fangirl would take the word “Could” into consideration (I know I didn’t). This in turn basically put through an entire whirlwind of events where we all took in the worst scenarios possible, believing the most insane rumours, all the while both parties remained silent with only really Kris coming out to reassure fans that he was okay. Can we just understand here that neither party said anything about what they wanted, only Kris’s representatives said that they wanted to deal with it quietly. So again most of what had exploded was pretty much a whole bunch of rumours and speculation. Some of which we all took seriously (again, I know I did for sometime). Because of all of this, the case could have taken a different turn, but since SM has to take public opinion into account, I think its pretty obvious what they want now.

Many members of boybands have left their groups before with a lot less drama, for example: the three members that left U-Kiss, more recently the member of Busker Busker that is leaving the band). This could be because they had solved their issues outside court, which in turn leads me to my first argument. SM has bad management and they don’t know how to deal with their artists or how to manage them (at least, that’s what they are showing to the world).

I could keep going on this topic, but I think that this is enough to get my point across. Sorry for such a long post, but its honestly what I’ve learnt from this entire thing.     

Posted: 12:00 PM

Dear K-POP Fangirls

Dear K-POP fangirls,

Why are most of you so possessive and have misogyny (The Hatred of Women)? Why do you get so jealous over female idols or any females in general hovering over your idol and start to curse or call them names? Why do you criticize everything female idols do and when male idols do it, they get praised with perfection? Why do you criticize them for plastic surgery when male idols get surgery done too and its a common thing in Korean culture? Why is every girl group video bombarded with dislikes no matter what concept they pull out? Why can’t you just like them and stop hating on them for being jealous?


A fan who’s sick and tired of all these jealous haters.

Posted: 6:00 AM

About Beast

I am not a fan of them at all but i realised that they are really good at distributing their lines in their songs. After watching a performance of them i always have the feeling that everyone had the same amounts of lines and “attention” and that is really great. In my opinion the easiest number for lines distribution and foremost everyone getting a time to shine is 4 or 5. I often get the feeling that groups with more members have idols that get 1 maybe 2 lines, not more, and then some having a lot more. It seems there is always someone that is prefered and gets more lines because of that and others seem to be forgotten. But in Beast it seems that everyone gets a part they can easily sing and sound great at and when i think about Beast i never forget even one member. They don´t seem to want to place the most famous member in the middle all the time but seem to focus on getting everyone screentime and, what i think is very important, lines that suit their voices and enhances them in order to sound good and not strained, what is something that really bothers me nowadays. Now that is what i call right management (even though Cube is far from being perfect), at least when it comes to giving each member a position in the team and to manage them right.

23 July 14


First of all, I’m not that fluent in English, so please bear with my grammar. I’m not sure if this would be posted or smthng. And I just found out this kpopsecrets in the middle of the night so yeah.

I’m getting tired of everything. I don’t know what happened. I was really happy a couple of hours ago because of my bias photos that was taken yesterday and now I’m here typing something that I haven’t done before. I just realized that everything I have known is not true. Everything that I love about Kpop isn’t true, isn’t worth it. I’m a Kpop fan since 2009 and it’s the first time I felt like this. I feel like everything that happened to me in kpop world was just some kind of joke, a dream, or whatever. And I’m planning to stay away with Kpop, or something like distancing to Kpop and to my bias group. But I can’t. I really can’t. I don’t know. I’m confused. I don’t know whether I’ll continue my plan to leave kpop world or to stay. Because I’m really really tired of everything- fanwars, shippings, fandom problems, everything. But I love it, I love my bias group, I love my one and only Minho and his big eyes, OTPs, and so on. I just love everything about Kpop. And distancing myself from it is like distancing myself from my happiness, it’s like removing my precious memories. But I’m tired of it. Maybe I’m just growing up, I’m just being mature. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Maybe after I submit this I would leave Kpop world, or I would stay. I just…don’t…know.

I just wanted to tell everyone that I’m happy to be a part of this journeyYes, I call this a journey. Being a fan of a group is not just full of spazz, updates and whatsoever. It’s how you cope with the everyday situation. The group’s journey is our journey, too. Everyone of us is a part of it. And I’m really thankful that I’ve met people like you. Thank you. Thank you so much. 

Posted: 12:00 PM

My EXO ‘friends’


so basically, I’ve got this group of ‘friends’ that I made online via twitter. I guess I could say we were pretty close because of the one thing we had in common- EXO. 

Everything was all picture perfect for a while but recently, they’ve become huge assholes. They made a sub-group and didn’t bother to include me, or any of the people they’re super close with. And last night, they were apparently talking on Oovoo and they found out the ‘truth’ about EXO and how they’re not the people they assumed them to be. Especially their bias- Byun Baekhyun. So they started tweeting about how sad they were and this evening they were all ‘We’re leaving the EXO fandom’ and I secretly felt happy. 

Anyway, so they said they were leaving and a lot of people asked ‘why?’ and they said they can’t give a reason. But the question is- what exactly is their ‘reason’? Is it because they can’t accept the fact their little prince aka byun baekhyun isn’t their prince anymore? 

Face it, we all know how the kpop industry is fucked up especially in SM. Everyone knows idols aren’t all perfect in the outside and inside. They have secrets we don’t know so the fact that they’re getting upset because of this is h i l a r i o u s and not to mention, r i d i c u l o u s. And the fact that they’re leaving because they can’t handle the truth, shows how dumb they are lol.

Posted: 6:00 AM

Stop the Hate - From a Blackjack

This does not only pertain to the Blackjack fandom but basically to all fandoms and people.  I’m always seeing blackjacks either bashing on Bom for her surgery, criticizing CL for getting more lines in a song than the rest, ridiculously hating on Dara/Minzy for which ever they have against these girls…

Just stop hating.  Stop bashing another member of your favorite group while claiming to be a fan of the group.  First of all, if you like the group, then you should either like the group as a whole, or at least be respectful.  If you don’t like a member, you don’t have to publicly release your hate.  No one wants to see that.

Secondly, we always forget that celebrities are human too!  I know the bulk of us, if we had mad skills and talent, would love to be part of the kpop industry.  If we were in their shoes, how would we feel?  How would we feel if our self-proclaimed fans daily bashed our fellow bandmate and friend?  Just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they should be treated as if they can take all the hate or that they should stand the hate. Some people might argue that ‘they signed up to be a kpop idol’ and therefore should’ve known that there would be hate. That’s just ridiculous.  It’s like saying EXO should tolerate their sasaeng fans and let those fans run all over them because ‘they signed up to be a kpop idol’ and therefore should’ve known that there would be this crazy behavior and now they need to deal with it.  But sasaengs are a totally different matter, and I don’t want to delve into that dark area.

I really wished that we could all be nicer and kinder to one another, and also nicer to each individual member in a group.  Honestly, I don’t see why people hate on Bom - sure, I don’t support plastic surgery either, but what’s inside counts.  She has the best personality, so her PS, which is an outward appearance/work thing, doesn’t take away from her cute and angel like self, which is an internal thing.  Plus her PS isn’t confirmed for sure yet so *shrugs* it’d just be awk if she actually never got PS and that it was something else.

 For CL, sure, I admit she does get most of the lines.  But she’s the leader, she took part in writing a lot of these songs, and also does she completely control who gets which parts to sing?  I think not.  Plus she’s confident and kind, and if you think she’s cocky or rude, just watch 2ne1tv and…voila.

Actually Dara and Minzy don’t get too much hate from within the blackjack community, or at least I haven’t seen much.  (Honestly I don’t think there are many LEGIT reasons why anyone would hate on any of the 2ne1 members, but hey, hey, there are still haters.)  Dara is bright and lovely and kind, Minzy is underrated and just so talented and she is going to shine so bright one day…….

Just keep an open mind and give them a chance.  Don’t hate and just love. I know that not everyone agrees with this, but this is just my personal opinion.  

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!  BLACKJACKS, STOP HATING ON SNSD/SONES and basically any other girl group.  I know not all blackjacks do this, but a lot of us hate on other groups and it’s rude plus it’s pretty mean.  Sure, some other fans might bash 2ne1, but maybe it’s because we bash them too?  (And (to some of you) sones/other fandoms, please don’t hate on 2ne1 either.)

Yeah…I know its never going to happen.  Hate is never going to go away.

To tell the truth, I’m really getting tired of all the hate on every kpop group, and I know the hate is inescapable…. Which is why I’m actually starting to shrink away from the big groups that everyone loves now and go towards more of the older generation groups or the unpopular groups becuz no one really comments meanly about those … but I feel like if I just don’t look at the comment sections, I’d be fine.

Peace!  Have a nice day.

22 July 14

Ok so I got into kpop because of my friends a few months ago. At first the only songs I listened to were SNSD songs because they were quite catchy but then I explored around a bit and i fell in love with cnblue. I became entirely obssessed with them. A month or so later, my friends went to South Korea and bought me a GD album and at first i was very close minded bit then I actually listened to the songs properly and I got addicted. Now I feel soo guilty that I’ve turned into a VIP(my GD obsession got me into Big Bang too) when I was originally a Boice. Besides I also feel like a hypocrite because I told my friends that ‘I hate Big Bang’. That make me feel really dishonourable. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if there is anyone who feels the same way, how do you get over that feeling?

Posted: 12:00 PM

I hate SM Ent. cause they only thinks about money and I hate the way they treat their artist. And I guess I hate the company so much I started to hate their artist. They know SM Ent don’t treat them nicely yet they still trying hard to get into that company. Then when they get famous they sue the company for mistreat them. And when EXO debuted, everyone was like going crazy for them. SM Ent started to give attention to them and again, they ignore the ‘senior’ artist. You could say I hate EXO too. I get annoyed. Although I don’t like their artists, I admit SM Ent has some talented artist. Its just, they literally ignore the ‘senior’ artist because their new fresh talent artist are bringing more money.

The things is, I have a huge crush on Chanyeol. But I don’t know I should support him or not. Cause if I do, I’ll help SM Ent too. I don’t want to do that. I want to see SM Ent goes bankrupt so they get what they deserve. 

*I’m sorry to all SM-stan*

Posted: 6:00 AM

sometimes bands get a lot of hype for a good reason. some examples are AKMU and BTS. i look up to both groups because they really do make their own music. another group i look up to is Orange Caramel because they are very different in kpop. there’s a reason these people are talked about. it’s because they’re not like others.

21 July 14

I feel like I’m in love with someone I don’t even know.

I know this sounds delusional and just *is,* but I think I’m in love with BTS Park Jimin. I think it’s more like a really intense crush, but it’s honestly so embarrassing for me because I usually thought it was weird and absurd when people said things like that about idols. I’ve never felt like this towards any famous person and Bangtan isn’t even my top group. I’ve only come to be a fan of them very very recently, even though I’ve known of them for a long time. I never really paid attention to them until now and the only reason I’m getting so into them is because of Jimin. I’ve had boyfriends in the past and I’ve been in love before, so this is really irrational. I’m really really embarrassed. I don’t even know him or what he’s really like. It’s exactly like when you like someone in real life, I’m getting butterflies at seeing him or even hearing his voice. This is just so uncomfortable for me because I don’t understand it. I never have when other people talked about it and now it’s happening to me. It’s not like I can do anything about it. It’s frustrating and strange. I feel ridiculous. It *is* ridiculous.

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