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September 02 2014, 12:00 PM

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American Style MVs

While I hear my friends complain about the American concepts about MVs, I completely shrug at the matter. I personally like the new style. I mean, look at Got 7’s “A” and B1A4’s “Solo Day”, they’re good. I think there’s nothing wrong about engaging into something new. If you think the group doesn’t suit the style, well, it’s actually up to you. It’s not about the changes and how you compare it. It’s all about the appreciating. :)

I would love to see Infinite in that style. <3 

September 01 2014, 12:00 PM

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August 31 2014, 12:00 PM

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I’ve just gotten into the KPop fandom and I feel really awkward, yes I love the music and it has also opened my eyes to a brand new culture but I feel so stupid more than half the time. I’ve tried to learn the names of different people in different groups, and how to tell them apart and stuff like that but it really makes me feel stupid when somebody can go like, “That’s Lay!”, “That’s Kris!”, “That’s Baro!”, “That’s Jessica!”, “That’s Kyrstal!”, and all that stuff and I’ll just be sitting there like, “What? Who? Where?”. I have terrible memory to, so when I try to remember the names of people I try to start small but even then I feel like a failure, I then tried to remember them by their voices and it sort of worked but then it go to the point where I still couldn’t tell their faces apart or the names apart. I feel so stupid and I feel so scared to talk to another person who is more into the KPop fandom than me because I feel so worried that they may belittle me or make me feel worst than how I felt before,like I’m also in the Anime fandom and the JPop fandom and I love helping people to the best of my abilities because some of the people in those fandoms are just plain rude to the new comers, but I just wished I were like everybody else, they all seem to know who is who and how to pronounce everything, I just feel like I don’t belong :( Thank you so much for reading this, I probably got on your nerves with this :(

August 30 2014, 12:00 PM

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It has always bothered me when I find that kpop idols, especially male idols, create a list of characteristics when they are asked what they’re ideal types are. I’m a fervent kpop fan, but I lose a little faith in humanity when hear about they’re ideal types. Pale skin, round eyes, double eyelids, specific height, specific weight, specific face shape, nice body???

I’m sure they are old enough to know that personality will always outweigh appearance in the end, but I think that some idols fail to realize that they have fans of all shapes, sizes, race, and ethnicity. I understand that everyone has a certain preference for their significant other. I think that idols, in general, should be a little more cautious and mindful when they state their ideal type. I know all idols love their fans, but when fans hear about they’re ideal types, it brings down self confidence and fans strive for just that…because apparently, your bias will fall in love with you if you fall into every one of their ideal traits. I’ve come across a few posts on the web about the crazy things fans willingly do for their bias. I guess I just wanted to bring out the point that there is more to life than fitting your bias’ ideal type and I feel that kpop sets unrealistic, unhealthy standard to the public.

August 29 2014, 08:20 PM

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If you can still support and back up Kim Hyun Joong in lieu of what has happened, then you are nothing but blind and delusional and I have no respect for you. And those of you who victim-blame his ex-girlfriend and think she “deserves” getting hit? You’re even more disgusting.

August 29 2014, 12:00 PM

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Red Velvet and F(Sulli) feat. Haters

I’m sure most of the kpop fans have this one dream of becoming a kpop idol. To all the haters out there, try being considerate. Imagine it yourself, what if you actually succeed to debut but there’s so much hate towards you. Feel bad right? You will. Because we are all human, we have feelings. People don’t even know you but they started calling you untalented, bitch or maybe some other bad stuff. How do you feel. Don’t you feel AMAZING? 

Let’s take the new group Red Velvet’s Seulgi for example. I have no idea why is she getting so much hate among the members. Because rumours said that Kyuhyun likes her? Because she is not as pretty as the other? She is pretty. She is definitely talented. She can sing well and she can dance well. There’s no reason she should get so much hate. She didn’t train for seven years for no reason. Haters out there, get a life. 

Next, f(x) fans, calm you tits. Stop bashing on Red Velvet. F(x) did not get a fanclub name because they are not popular enough compared to the other groups in the company. So it’s actually you guys, f(x)’s fans’ fault. Fans are what that makes a group popular. 

Besides, the other reason SM is having a problem with f(x) right now is because of Choi Sulli. She used to be one of my favourite idol. I used to really really like her because of her bubbly personality and her cute smile. But her attitude on stage just make me dislike her more and more right now. She always did not do her best. 

Right now, she requested to have a break because of the negative comments. What is she thinking? She is not the only one that got bashed. IU also got bashed so badly once. She did not stop her career but continue to sing and have her comebacks. Sulli’s break will only bring problems to F(x). Maybe she has her own reason. But she should think of her other members. 

To be honest, because of Krystal’s role in The Heirs, f(x) get more famous because the drama is famous. But Sulli just gotta ruin everything. I still love f(x) though. But I think Sulli likes acting more than singing and dancing. She should be like Super Junior’s Kibum. Only focusing on acting right now. Hope her know what’s she is doing right now.

August 28 2014, 07:08 PM

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s!b: some fans are just going downright crazy over this

s!b: some fans are just going downright crazy over this

August 28 2014, 12:00 PM

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Short people during K-POP concerts in standing area.

During K-POP concerts, you should get the seats that are preferable to you. My rant is about short K-POP fans at concerts. Why do you guys even bother to get standing pit tickets if you can’t see anything, and then when you’re at the concert, you expect people to move out of the way for you for you to go to the front. First of all, that’s not how it works. I know moving for shorter people can be considerate, but if you’re all the way in the back and I’m near the stage, I am not going to be moving for you. For me to be able to be in the front, I must’ve waited a long time and very patiently, and just because theres a short person, I am no way going to have my spot taken just because you’re short. You shouldn’t even be in the pit, but seated tickets.

August 27 2014, 12:00 PM

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Fans overreaction

What is it with fans screaming their lungs out for Idols when they walk by at a public place? Lets use the airport for example. Well in America, I go to Idol airport arrivals and someone please tell me why there is always people screaming their lungs out like an animal when they come out. I get it, you see them, but why the hell are you screaming in front of their face. You’re not at a concert. You can say their name and stuff when they walk by and wave, but there’s always those people who scream a mile away for no reason. YES they are here, but PLEASE STOP SCREAMING, You’re just scaring them. After a long flight and being jet lagged, the last thing they want to hear is someone screaming for or at them. 

I also want to talk about space. How come people don’t realize that the less crazy you are, the better reactions you get from the idols? At the airport, fans swarm their idols. Like do you honestly think swarming them makes them feel better? Why can’t we just make a line for them to walk through? What is the reason for swarming them? Just calm yourself and let them walk through and stop blocking their path..

August 26 2014, 03:45 PM

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