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September 19 2014, 08:46 PM

New Zealand KPop Fans 

September 19 2014, 12:00 PM

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Kpop makes my heart break.

Hello everyone. First of all, I want to apologize because English is not my primary language. I used to have boyfriend who loves a member from one idol group (I don’t want to mention her here). He always talking about how beautiful she is, how perfect she is and surprisingly the girl and I are in the same age. He demanded me to be like her which I think it was impossible. Later on, I kept comparing myself with her, hate her so much and undoubtedly, I found out it was stupid action ever. I love him so much but we have to end our relationship because I’m not up to his standard. After that, I leave the kpop world which I love the most since 2008. But, it didn’t stop me from give the full of support to my favourite group. Lastly, I want to apologize to that idol for all mistakes I have done before. I’m wishing you the best of luck and take care of yourself ^^. 

September 18 2014, 12:00 PM

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My thoughts about EXO and BTS.

Before I share my thoughts with the people who read this blog, I want to tell you some important facts. It’s the first time I write my opinion down. I was never good at sugarcoating things, so I will be honest and straightforward. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, I just have to write about my thoughts that have been piling up in my mind for a long time. There’s much to talk about, but I decided to fucous on a few main aspects and groups, because this post would be REALLY long if I typed up everything. 

1. EXO

I guess many of you know what I’m going to write about. Kris’s departure from the group and Baekhyun’s dating news. I have read many posts and articles, comments, pictures. At first I thought that I should just sit back and stay silent, but this situation gets more and more annoying as time passes by. 

As I said earlier, it’s just MY opinion. I don’t expect you to agree with me. 

When I read the news about Kris leaving EXO, I was dumfounded. It was sudden, and I didn’t know how to react at first. Kris was not my bias, but I didn’t dislike him either. He was a part of EXO, and I was okay with that. I agree with the people who say that EXO won’t be the same again. That’s true, and the EXO members know it, too. I’m not here to point a finger at Kris and call him a traitor. There was a time when I was angry with him, but once I put the pieces together, I realized that he is not a bad person for doing what he did. He wanted out. He quit. He was a bit selfish, but aren’t we all? Just think about it for a moment, would you choose other people over your own health? Of course, the fans are important, and a group won’t get nowhere without their support. But Kris put himself first this time. What makes me feel a bit disappointed is the way he did what he did. I don’t know every detail, but from what I read, the othe members of EXO didn’t know anything about his intentions. I think he should’ve talked to them about it, they were the people he had been working with for years, and more importantly, I’m sure that most of them considered him as a friend and vice versa. 

Kris left EXO. It’s time for every fan to accept that without badmouthing him and the other fans. It won’t do any good to fight constantly over a matter that won’t change. There are fans who are like ‘I hate Kris so much, he is a traitor.’ and some others are like ‘I love Kris and support him.’. Everyone has the right to choose sides, but arguing about it is pointless and dumb. 

Time to change subject before someone shoots me down here. I won’t write too much about the ‘Baekhyun-Taeyeon dating’ situation. All I want to say is that it surprised me, and thought that it must be some kind of joke at first. Well, if I had to guess who would be the first one from EXO who starts dating openly, I wouldn’t say Baek. But oh well, I did not cry a river over the news. He is old enough to date, and even though some fans say that he shouldn’t be with Taeyeon, I think that it’s his choice, so we should respect it, if we like him and acknowledge him as a talented person. Hating on them won’t get you anywhere. 

2. BTS

I’ll try to lighten up the mood and write about the group who has a high chance to become my favorite kpop group. To be honest, I was not so hiead over heels for any idols out there, I like so many groups and songs, but I can’t say that XX or YY is my favorite kpop group of all time. When I heard BTS’s debut song, I became interested in the group immediately. I watched the video, and I loved the concept. I found something original in it, which is (sadly) quite rare nowadays. (Sorry other groups, but…)

These guys are talented, and down-to-earth. They are handsome, and hip-hop or not, I love all of their songs. ( Arguing about the genre of music the make is an another long story.) 

Rap Monster is a good leader, I like his voice, and the lyrics he writes are thoughtful and great. He speaks english fluently, which is also very important for idols who have fans overseas.

Jin, the only member who is older than me. (by a few days…) Bright, cute yet handsome guy. His voice is nice. Not the ‘I will sweep you off your feet with my high notes’ voice, but I like listening to him sing. I also like how he treats the other group members. He is humble, and lets the younger members to fool around with him. 

Jimin, the guy who always smile, even though he is the punishment-king ( watch Bts’s Rookie King to know what I’m talking about.) I don’t really like his voice, but I like that he is bright and optimistic. 

J-Hope, the guy can dance, rap, and smile like he doesn’t have a single problem in life( even though we all know how stressful the idols’ life is). He is one of the mood-makers in the groups, and he is good at what he is doing. 

Jungkook, the golden maknae. The guy who caught my eye in the NO More Dream MV. Sing, rap, dance. You name it. He is the youngest, but really talented. I like his singing voice the best, even though V’s voice tears at my heartstrings very often. 

V. The guy who is often described as 4D. I’m starting to realize that he wil be my ultimate bias in no time. I love his voice, his looks, his personality. He can be cute or sexy, he has a lot of charms in my opinion. He likes anime, and so do I. His funny reactions just make him more loveable. I’m not delusional, I grew out of that phase. I really hope to see them in person one day, and I will tell them that what they do is great and I will support them, no matter what. 

Thanks for reading this long post, I would give you a candy as a prize, but I can’t, sorry about that. ^^ I think you will hear from me again from time to time. 


September 17 2014, 12:00 PM

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I’m a Kpop Fan Who Doesn’t Live Up to Your Expectations

Yes, you read the title right. And I want to remind all of you that I am a Kpop fan. But it’s just that, I’ve been doubting that lately. Here are some situations:


Friend: OMG. OMG. *screams* asgdhsdgfdhs Infinite!!! Myungsoo oppa!! aaaaaah *rolls into the ground* *cries* 

Me: *watches Infinite MV* OMG. *smiles* sh*t, sh*t (yes, I trashtalk while watching mvs). *smiles again*


Friend: *plays B1A4’s Solo Day non-stop all week*

Me: *plays B1A4’s Solo Day in times if I like it* 


Friend: Yey, I finally received my album! Gosh, I can’t wait to post these 25 posters in my room.

Me: *downloads album from K2Nblog and images from tumblr*


Friend: Okaay, time to learn this dance. *practices EXO’s Overdose all day and dances like crazy*

Me: *watches at video* Wow, their dancing is superb.


Friend: *At home* OMG OMG Time to watch M!Countdown! *At school* Like, oh my g, have you heard of this song already? *At sleep* Mr—-Chu—- /yawn/ ips—-ba—-Chu /mumbles/ (hahaha jk)

Me: (I watch Kpop regularly but not to the point that I forget my school works and family.)


Friend: Kris is leaving. *cries and screams* Kris oppa whyyy!!??

Me: Awww. If Kris chooses this path, then I must support him.

See? There are a lot situations but I’m too lazy to type. Anyway, I’m just not your usual Kpop fan out there. People judge me, too. I’m sorry. :( But, all I want to say is that, I may not be the kpop fan you want me to be, but I want you to know that I love, LOVE, LOOOVE, kpop all the same as you do. 

September 16 2014, 12:00 PM

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September 15 2014, 04:49 PM

Any KPS followers or even just KPop fans in general who are from New Zealand?

September 15 2014, 12:00 PM

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I fell in love with an idol.

A few weeks ago I’ve been to South Korea. My favorite group is ToppDogg; they are quite known for international fans, but not really in South Korea, so it’s easy to get in fansigns and events. I’ve got to meet them 8 times when I was there. I used to have one favorite member(let’s say A); I was really excited to go to Korea and be able to meet him. At the first fansign, he was the second one to sign in the album; I told him that he was my favorite member. I don’t know if you are aware of that, but technically a fan should be fan of only one member. So other members sign my album after, and almost at the end, I arrived at another member(lets say B). It’s a member that never caugh my attention before, but having him in front of me, smiling, talking to me… I fell in love at first sight. I’m not even kidding. He was so charming, so handsome, he looked like a prince, and he was so kind to me.

At the other events, I stopped saying to my ‘favorite member’ that he was my favorite. I gave letters to the other, and I gave all my attention to him. He quickly identified me as his favorite member, and A started asking me ‘am I your favorite member?’ I eventually told him and A and B were my favorite, but he was like ”B? Pff only me~”…………. Anyway…………………….

I became B’s only white fan. One day, B along with other members did a surprise guerilla event. I was really late and I couldn’t go in time. I arrived at the end of the event, just when B was going to the elevator. He tried to reach for me, saying my name and trying to wave and grab my hand but the manager started pushing me and pushing him into the elevator. I started crying and my friends told me and they told B I was late, and he told them to meet him a café X. I was so happy and I felt really special. I went to the café and I ended up seeing him there after they twitter about it, so there was other fans. I asked him to take a picture with my phone, and later we ended up taking a selca together .He was so nice to me that night and only held my hand, saying no to all the other fans.

At every events I would go, he would always give me extra attention. He would wave almost only at me, throwing hearts only to me. I fell in love with him. Hard.

At my last fansign, few days before I left, I ended up crying when I sat down at my place after getting my album signed. He quickly saw me and started ignoring the fans in front of him, tilting his head to look at me. He tried to mimick me to smile, and he looked so worried. I felt really dumb for crying, but I knew it was the last time I would see him and I was so heart broken.

Now i’m back in my country and I miss him terribly. I feel dumb, because I feel dellusional. I’m sure he never really cared about me, he was probably just doing fanservice, or he was probably only intrigued about me because I was his only white fan. He probably already forgot about me and all the dumb letters I gave him. I try to convince myself that it’s dumb but I really got a crush on him and there is nothing I can do. I think about him all the time, I look at our picture together and I just get myself more and more depressed… I’m pathetic.

September 14 2014, 12:00 PM

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Get off Taemin’s back already

Ever since the teaser for ACE/Danger came out, people have jumped on him for his image, for the vibe of the songs and for “looking too much like Jaejoong”.
First off, Taemin is already grown up. He has been for years. I don’t understand why people are STILL going on about not liking his mature concepts, and whining about him not acting all aegyo anymore or some other shit. He’s a grown man. He can’t act like a damn kid forever. Stop being so prude.
Segway into my second point: the fact that people are being so prude. The music video for Danger came out only a few minutes ago (as I’m typing this) and people are already complaining about the fact that he’s shirtless and that he’s showing “too much” skin. “Little Taeminnie” is obviously not fit for such a bad boy role!!!1! He’s much better suited for the feminine aegyo flower boy image!!1! Ew. No. First off, did it occur to ANY of you that he actually LIKES this image MORE than pretending to be some cutesy looking flower boy? What if he doesn’t want to be like that anymore? Think of it as Miley Cyrus not wanting to be Hannah Montana anymore. Sure, maybe she took it to the extreme, but so what? She can’t be a family-friendly Disney actress forever. Just like Taemin can’t (and shouldn’t) be a cutesy flower boy forever.
And, as for my third point, the fact that people constantly compare him to Jaejoong. Jaejoong this, Jaejoong that. Shut up. Taemin is Taemin. Jaejoong is Jaejoong. They’re completely different people. Jaejoong is not the first person in kpop who had a “bad boy” rebel type of image. Would people even make this stupid ass comparison if it weren’t for the fact that both Jaejoong and Taemin have both worked for SM at some point? I doubt it. So shut up already about Jaejoong. This is Taemin’s time to shine. This is his album that he worked really hard on. Give it a rest.
And lastly, stop saying that Taemin doesn’t deserve this solo album, and that x member of SHINee deserves it more. All the members of SHINee deserve their own solo albums. Stop hating on Taemin just because he happened to be the one to get a solo album first. It’s not his fault. Please be patient. Maybe your bias in SHINee will get his solo album soon. Learn how to be happy for other people and their success. I’m sure the rest of the SHINee members are proud of Taemin. Why can’t you be proud as well? Stop being so bitter.

s!b: people seem to get annoyed when I express my opinion.

September 13 2014, 12:00 PM

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September 12 2014, 12:00 PM

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6 years

I don’t know why I decided to write this post at the first place . Maybe I just want to know if there’s other fans like me . Or maybe I just want to share this story of mine .

I’m a Kpop fan since late 2008 but I realized that I just really love Kpop in mid 2009 .  I got introduced by TVXQ ( but lol . Back then , I didn’t know they were from South Korea . I thought they were Chinese ) But , the very first group that made me dedicated to kpop fandom is SNSD . SNSD is .. the very first group and the only girl group I became a fan of everything they do . Their fashion’s style . Their hair . Their songs . Their variety shows . Their personalities ( as what I’ve seen and read fanaccs ) . Sometimes , I even followed their gestures in their performances . Their choreography ( ITNW is probably the best one I’ve ever liked ) .

I fangirl-ed over them  from late 2009 until 2011 . In 2011 , I met my very first boy group that I’ve liked and that’s Infinite . Thanks to my friend because she was a fan of Teen Top back then and introduced me to Infinite . Infinite , they were not that attractive but I like their personalities . I mean , Woohyun is sweet , Myungsoo is sometimes unpredictable , Dongwoo always smiling , Sunggyu always be the one who getting bullied .

In 2012 , I was introduced to EXO . I’ve been anticipating their debut ( no . I didn’t watch all the teasers . I watched the very first video teaser , What Is Love MV , Sehun’s teaser , History MV.) I couldn’t say that I’m a fan since their pre-teasers era neither during MAMA era . I was still learning about them and became a fan when they announced that their comeback with ’ WOLF ’ . EXO , to me , is a very special group because I have a hard time finding out who’s I like ( totally different from SNSD , which is Jessica and Infinite , which is L ) until today .

And here , I’ll tell you what type of kpop fan I am .

I am a Muslim , a girl and from Malaysia . I came from a family , which is not that poor but always use the money that we have wisely . The only time I get a lot of money is during Eid Mubarak .

As time passes , I realized .. that me as a fan is totally different from other fans that I often met in Tumblr and Twitter .

They spend a lot of money on albums , merchs , concerts while me in the other hand , I’ll only buy once in a while . I rarely buy albums because it costs more than foods . I’m never going to any kpop or non-kpop concerts because I have to book a flight ticket to go there . I’m from a small town and my parents taught me to spend money wisely

It would be a lie if I said I don’t feel jealous every time I see kpop fans always posting merchs they bought . It would be a lie if I said it’s not hurt when I see some kpop fans are pratically saying the fans who never buy the albums , buy their songs , buy their merchs is not the true fan ,

I wonder , even if I did all those things , will they be able to notice me ?

Being a kpop fan is great . I found joy in kpop . But , most of the fans is sometimes annoy the //excuse me // hell out of me .

Although I found joy , but I often found myself getting depressed about myself as a fan . I want to buy merchs to but .. I just cannot bear watch my parents work hard , give some of the money to me and instead of buying school stuffs , I buy merchs .

And I’m totally surprised at how some kpop fans treat their parents .

I’m just .. wondering if their parents never got mad at their children for wasting money on such things . I don’t care if they’re rich or not but well , I found myself wondering .

S!B : idk . i’m afraid if I say this aloud , people will bash me lol

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