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October 12 2014, 12:00 PM

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I was not a fan of exo when they debuted. Too many teasers that i didnt have much interest to watch. But seeing them on tumblr while always being here changed my mind and now i an exo fan. I may be an exo fan but i am upset at how some of the fans behave, pushing, screaming, stalking the boys, causing fanwars with other fandoms. these people are the reason why we are called the worst fandom. Fandom aside, I think exo is getting too overrated. They are made to sound like they are the future kings of kpop just because they are form sm, but there are others equally or even more talented groups up there, they are rising to fame too fast. Im afraid a few years more and the hype will disappear, everyone will get sick of them and they will have a downfall far faster than anyone else. they are already overworked, what more do you expect of their quality of work?

October 11 2014, 12:00 PM

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Worried for all the idols

The idols have worked so hard, form their trainee days till now. I think that the korean entertainment industry is the most exhausting one among all the other countries. They have endless debuts, comebacks, concerts, world tours, everything. It didnt cross my mind until recently, just how many of them lost weight, the dark circles, the eye bags, constantly having to go hospitals for IV drips. They have worked hard to come this far, but to see that they have to give up their health like this…its upsetting. especially with the recent car accident of Ladies’ code. I rather they stop debuting more people all at once and take their time to train them. Not dump all of them out like this. It isnt fair on them or the fans. and let the current idols have little rest whenever they can, not make them work like cows.

They are humans too, they need their rest. They are not machines that only need a little oil for them to be back in top form. If this continues many of them will fall or be too sick to perform…

October 10 2014, 12:00 PM

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Suju’s 7 Jib

People everywhere in KPOP community (even non-ELF) are saying that this album, Mamacita, is surprisingly good.

Me too, after i heard all of the songs, the album became my jam for weeks. I really loved songs like Midnight Blues, Raining Spell for Love, Islands, Mid Season, and even Too Many Beautiful Girls (though this song was soooo tacky imo, too much 1D feeling there). Okay the 2 promoted songs SUCKS balls, i don’t get it why they picked the 2 worst songs of the album to perform, really.

I was so high on the album thinking that it’s super amazing and all, until i played SJ’s old albums in my MP3 player.

Damn, how could i think that 7 jib was so special?

The songs are nothing better compared to, say, my favorite albums: 2 jib, 3 jib and 4 jib… those 3 albums have better ballads (Reset, Dead at Heart, In My Dream, It’s You, Coagulation, etc), better upbeats (Why I Like You, Boom-Boom, A Man in Love).

I think the only special thing about 7 jib is Midnight Blues, that’s kinda new even though i’m sure many of their old songs are a bit R&B only not as strong (or as good).

I actually think that people adores 7 jib so dearly because of the less auto-tune.  Thank God the only auto-tuned songs are the 2 promotional songs, and the other are OK.

7 jib comes as a waaaaaayyyy better album than the catastrophe that was 6 jib. The suckest of the suckiest songs of SJ were in the 6 jib, the auto-tunes made my ears bleeding in just too many songs like Papillon, Gulliver, Now, and Outsider. I always skipped those songs whenever i played 6 jib lol.

Well, what i’m trying to say here: is that 7 jib is not THAT special, and people are thinking it’s a good album only because the 6 jib were such a disaster, to compare.

I’m not saying that 7 jib sucks, though, it’s just plain POP music, ordinary, typical Kpop music.

S!B: I’m an ELF and ELF are dead if they have a different thoughts or opinion.

October 09 2014, 12:00 PM

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Raina from After School

I know there’s a lot of great singers. There’s Taeyeon, Hyolyn, Ailee, etc.. and there is also Raina from After School. She is so underrated and idk why. She has everything to be successful. I feel sad that such a wonderful girl with talent isn’t well known.

October 08 2014, 12:00 PM

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Hi there, I just read from an ex-trainee of SM (that guy, yeah, I remembered you, by the way) that SM has intentions of debuting a boy group with members from every part of the world and possibly other races. Even if they’re not debuting any soon, I think it’s a great chance for all people who are not Asian to try to make it. If this information is true, that means SM will be accepting trainees of other races more often. And the fact that it’s not finalised yet is greater because that means people who are accepted will have a lot of time to train and improve, and therefore the chances of getting in the group are bigger. However, I believe this is only going to work for boys. I don’t know if the four-girl group he was talking about is Red Velvet (I honestly have no idea when he posted that and the members’ names), but if it is, then it’ll be quite a while until another girl group debuts. Also, I think beauty standards in Korea are higher for women (not necessarily a lot more, but you guys know what I mean) and that may mean SM won’t be the first company to have a multi-racial k-pop band. Anyway, it’s worth to try and see if they accept you even if you’re not Asian. About that, I’m positive two years will pass until that happens at the least.

I think YG would be interested in a multi-racial group too, because Mr. YG himself said a lot of whites and blacks were auditioning for his company and that it’d be interesting to do such thing or something like that.

I’m also sure that it’ll be a lot easier to get in for white people who live in Korea, China, Japan or any other Asian country. Also for Americans, Canadians and Europeans who are also white. After them, Southern Asians. Then for black American people, and Hispanic people (American or South-American). They will also choose good-looking people over average-looking people, and who have had classes before or an outsanding talent. Thousands of non-Asians have been auditioning for the past couple of years and it’ll be hard. So, if you think you stand a chance, go ahead! Sadly, there are no auditions in my country and my chances of even auditioning are 1 in 100, so yeah, good luck to those who are able to try to fulfill their dreams! ^o^

October 07 2014, 12:00 PM

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"Who are these irrelevant flops nominated for MTV EMA?" Well at least the nominees are not relevant because of a drug scandal. Get off your high horses.

What I’m thinking and what I really want to say right now to you and your squad, my dear internet friend. But I’m pathetic and I’m afraid to lose you so I just pretend I’m not online.

October 06 2014, 12:00 PM

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Kpop Idols & Colorisn

I’m becoming really annoyed with various idols opening their mouths saying offensive things about dark skin. Who do they think they are?!

Most recently I came across an interview and video clip of a show featuring Exo. Luhan and Lay both made side eyeing comments about Tao’s skin color. Luhan made a general comment about light skin being better than dark skin… Is he crazy? Are you really trying to sell albums talking like that? Lay called Tao’s dark skin a problem…

It didn’t hurt much when Luhan said what he said because I never had much interest in him as a human anyways, but Lay’s words were disappointing. These comments/remarks/jokes or whatever you want to label them reveals that they view dark skin as inferior and unattractive… I’m not surprise they feel this way, most of the world’s population does unfortunately. But to boldly say these things as public figures while selling your “OK” music/albums/Concert and everything else is ludicrous to me.

And the worst part is when you call these idols out on their BS, their fair skinned fans jump to their defense.

Seriously wtf gave you the right to defend stupidity and label it as a joke. Since when having dark skin was funny? Who said its a joke to be dark? Who?

Sorry you can’t defend stupidity, you just can’t . And I’m done with Exo, they have enough fans.

I deserve more respect as a dark skinned individual.

October 05 2014, 12:00 PM

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I keep seeing people talking about how Sojung might not be able to return to the entertainment industry due to facial injuries, but I believe that it is possible for her to if she were to receive reconstructive surgery. The reason I believe this is because an American actress, Rose McGowan (who guest starred in two episodes of my fav. American TV show Once Upon a Time), also had her face terribly disfigured from a fatal car crash, but was able to return to her career after she got reconstructive surgery on her face. 

October 04 2014, 12:00 PM

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So sick and tired of some immature GOT7 fans bashing on 15&. Guess what? 15& has been in JYP 2 years longer than GOT7, so they are their sunbae. The relationship between 15& and GOT7 is nothing more than a friendly, sunbae-hoobae relationship.

October 03 2014, 12:00 PM

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I look around instagram when I’m bored and I keep on coming across fanart. Some of them are really cute and funny. Others… not so much. By that I mean really dirty and revealing pictures. I don’t find them appreciative. Even though I know they take a long time to create, they still gross me out and I can’t have respect people who spend their time, creating them. I think it’s great to get in touch with one’s artistic self but when you scroll through images and find the slightly more revealing ones, it’s very disturbing. Think of it this way, no sane person would want a picture of two guys, f*cking each other as their wallpaper. People could use that time to do other things. They are clearly talented but I don’t want to see a fanart of my bias with another guy (or girl), doing dirty things. It’s okay if it’s fanfiction because then it’s your choice whether you want to read it or not but you can’t get an image out of your mind once you see it.

Besides, would our biases appreciate us drawing or editing these pictures? Please stop with the disturbing fanart and spend time doing something more productive. I’m saying this as a professional graphic designer and I’m not being jealous because I can’t draw or edit. I clearly can, otherwise, I wouldn’t be a designer. 

Tbh, I just feel embarrassed when I see pornographic fanart. I can only imagine what idols feel like.

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