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31 July 14


 Hellur, I’m a former pledis trainee and im gonna spill the beans today.

After school is the sweetest group of girls I’ve ever met in my life. They took very good care of me and gave me lots of tips.One time, Lizzy asked me if i ate yet and I told her I haven’t eaten the whole entire day, and she gladly gave me her snacks and bread. I’ve noticed Nana is getting a lot of hate by the way she acts on Roommate. Nana isn’t being fake or flirty, It’s just her personality.She’s very friendly and lovely, and she isn’t afraid to do what she wants to do. 

Hello Venus is a very fun group. I didn’t get to know them that well because I left a few months after their debut, nut they’re really different from how they appear. They look very girly and fragile, but they’re so fun to be around and they love to joke around.

NU’EST- They’re very playful. Baekho is a sweetie pie despite his looks. Ren is so pretty TT-TT, when I first saw him, I really couldn’t believe he was a guy. At first, Ren was a bit cold towards me and I thought he really didn’t like me. Aron told me that he’s like that to everyone, and I felt relieved after that.  Aron and Minhyun are super playful.  They joke around a lot and are like clowns.  JR is very mature for his age, but that’s just his outer shell. He’s very skin shippy and likes being intimate with his members and trainees in Pledis. 

Posted: 6:00 AM


This issue is a bit of annoying as a fan. I’m not against their relationship and I’m neither fan of both but I really see their action as irresponsible

Being an idol has also some responsibilities and it would be burdensome if you don’t take care of your fans, because without them, you’re completely nothing. 

Nothing’s wrong with falling in love, but if you chose the career of being an idol then you should acknowledge that dating someone will butthurt your fans. I mean, you could at least wait for the right time, right? No one said an idol deserves to be lifetime single anyway.

Although tbh, SNSD are already veterans in Kpop industry so I guess it wouldn’t be really wrong if Taeyeon could already date someone. But wtf Baekhyun? Exo is just a 2 year old group. If he’s doing this then that means his fame is already getting on his head! Most idols aren’t dating when they are just starting because they are at the stage where they should only focus on the fan’s love so if Baek don’t feel that way, GOODLUCK ON HIS CAREER FOR NOT CHERISHING HIS FANS :—-)

30 July 14

While Rabid delusional fan behaviour is good pop- corn material, We shouldn’t encourage any of this shit.

Rabid Delusional fan behaviour (RDF) : Basically, a delusional fan so caught up in their bias that they have already assumed personal rights over aspects their bias’s life and will lash out without logic towards anything that threatens to break their delusions.

So why talk about RDF?

I think people need to realized , especially with the recent Taeyeon “scandal” and the whole issue with Kim Soo Hyun commercial and the long ago T-ara issue that RDF is a growing problem.

Kpop is entertainment, it is no different from Lady gaga or Justin Bieber. When you buy into Kpop, you are buying into entertainment, whether it is bulk buying or singular sales. As a person, you have your own logical capabilities to determine what you do. No Kcompany or US company or the police forces you to buy albums. Nor does any company demand you ‘Protect’ their stars and go online squabbling with some other fool in the forums. Entertainment is a public material that is meant not for a person but to appeal to mass market, it is like coca cola or mcdonalds with a face that people can relate to. 

RDF appears when people can’t or wouldn’t take the consequence of their own actions of foolishly squandering their money and time on a public material.( Which they claim have disappointed them) They have a tendency to lash out at their previous personas of idolization and go to the far extent of harassing these individuals (online and offline) sometimes even in person or towards people related to these individuals. They make unreasonable requests and use ridiculous arguments to try to logically justify their mode of behaviour (which is by far just barbaric). Things like ” it was opened for fans” and ” abandoning us for money”. Stupid sentences that will get any one riled up for no real reason. 

Entertainers are not politicians, their job is not ‘To do the right thing’ for the masses and what is the right thing anyway?

  • To not be allowed to make money even though the word ‘entertainer’ is classified as a profession?
  • Not allowed to date and must keep to whatever naff sentences they have ever uttered? (Cause yea whatever you say as a public figure = a bloody promise)
  • Cannot act like humans and get pissed with their own fellow group members. ( even though no one know what goes on behind the scenes.)

I wish we held our politicians to that much accountability.

RDF is a dangerous behaviour that should be stamped out because it gets a whole bunch of people participating in mass bullying, harassment and hate. It makes the online world as unhappy as our real world. The worse part of it is the fact that there is no accountability to any of these malicious yet thoughtless actions.

So why are we allowing such ridiculous, mindbogglingly mindset to exist over the internet? Isn’t the Internet a world too, where actions online can affect the offline?

Posted: 12:00 PM

exo baekhyun

if you look at the title,you know what im gonna talk about.Im gonna talk about bacon’s dating scandal.When I first saw the news.I was shocked then I realized that beakhyun is taeyeon fan .Then I was like thats awesome..but taeyeon is like older and baekhyun is her junior n they r from same company..but whatever i dont really care about maybe because he’s not my bias so it doesn’t really affect me.I really like sehun n if he dating,I wish it someone in his age n not a nuna .I wish people stop bashing him or something.But then it’s somehow his fault coz I heard he said that he would not date after 35.So after the scandal I hope he could be more careful of what he say in the variety shows or interview coz exo is really famous n they have a lot of stalkers.yOU know I kinda feel bad to all the taeyeon fanboy like mir.He really like tayeon ,i wonder what is his reaction lol.I think you guys should just keep it cool,you don’t have to be mad just because he’s just dating.I mean it’s not like they r married,they could break up.Yeah I understand some of you guys feel sad because he is your crush or whatever…but you as a fan you should give support!@_@.Every idol dating scandal doesn’t really affect me.But when nickhun n tiffany scandal came out i was like..”i wonder what is victoria’s reaction” it must be kinda awkward.


-I kinda wish that hyuna n hyunseung r dating,that would make some fans happy right??-

Posted: 6:00 AM

my thought about the previous submission, “Stop Judging K-fans”

i understand their action. but only until some extent. i understand if they feel hurt, or stop liking/supporting him and/or exo, or if they hate him. but once they try to harm baek physically or mentally, i will never ever justify that. no matter how much money they have spent, it’s never okay to hurt someone else. and remember, just because they buy their cds, their concert tickets, their merchandises, it doesn’t mean they own Baek. it doesn’t mean they have the right to dictate his life. if those fans spent his money on him with the thought of claiming Baek as theirs, they shouldn’t have spent their money on him at all. that’s disgusting. Baek’s not a prostitute nor a pet to spend your money on and call him yours. you can’t buy him or his life, he’s a human being for God’s sake. they don’t have the right to feel betrayed. betrayed because of what? because he’s dating someone? excuse them, but i don’t remember him being in a romantic relationship with any of those fans. stop trying to justify what they do. about the heartbreak those fans feel? it’s all theirs to take care of. every human is in charge of their own feelings. you can’t blame Baek for making you feel heartbroken. when you love a celebrity, you must realize that sooner or later your heart is going to be broken. because there’s only a really thin possibility that he/she’s gonna end up dating you. you should’ve known this beforehand. that’s the reality, and you have to suck that. stop being delusional.

29 July 14

International fans…

As an i-fan myself, I’ve noticed a lot of roll-eye worthy issues among us. But the one that most annoys me is how quick you guys are to pull out the racist, misogynist, or any other discriminatory card on all idols. 

I first noticed this tendency with the whole G-Dragon black face incident. If you saw the Coup d’ Etat video, you know that in no way was G-Dragon trying to make fun of the Black people community. And if you actually learned what black face is in History class, then you know that it’s a way of making a joke out of Black people. Seeing G-Dragon’s controversial picture, there is nothing that hints at him offending Black people.

It continued with the whole “Doojoon insults an overweight girl” issue. When I was informed of what he did, I was shocked and immediately labeled him as a jerk. Until I saw the entire video, understood the entire context, and realized that those people were just making a huge deal out of nothing -again.

There have been many instances in which idols are rightfully criticized (Leeteuk and Shindong with their misogynist comments, for example, or how some regard dark skin as undesirable). But in many instances, I feel that you guys just blurt out “OH YOUR OPPAR IS RACIST!” just because. 

Posted: 2:23 PM

On JYJ’s Back Seat…

Really nice to see the boys back at it together.

But while I was watching the MV, it really got me how much Junsu has benefited from the last few years working so much as a solo act etc. He moves better than he used to, sings better than he used to; the gap between him and Jaejoong and Yoochun is larger than it used to be.

Or maybe it’s the other way around? Maybe because Jaejoong and Yoochun haven’t been as active their skills were slipping a bit? I’m not trying to take away from Jaejoong and Yoochun at all, it was just interesting to see.

Either way, whatever it is, it was just a small observation that I wanted to talk about. Really nice to see the three of them back at it. Digging this album so far!

Posted: 12:00 PM

I’ve been seeing so many OBSSESSIVE fans hating on baekhyun and starting some anti baekhyun stuff. First of all, Whogives a damn that baekhyun or ANY idol is dating whoever. Are you close with them? Does he even know you exist let alone who you are? I just can’t stand how people act like this is the real world and Baekhyun, EXO, or KPOP is their whole life. Is baekhyun feeding you? Does he pay for your house or your bills? My god you are nothing to him, you are just a fan and he’s an idol, thats it. If you don’t want to be his fan so be it. Stop being so fckin obsessive and get on with fckin life. Holy shit

Posted: 6:00 AM

Optimistic Taeyeon Fan

I’ll be honest. 

When I first heard that Taeyeon was dating Baekhyun I thought “Damn, noona sure likes them young, I guess I got a shot.”

I started picturing our future together, realized we would make ugly babies (my bad) so instead made Baekhyun the surrogate father.

Then I open my window blinds and came back to reality. 

This is when I knew I had a problem. 

28 July 14

Get Over It

I’ve been a B2UTY for nearly 4 years now, and while I wasn’t there from the beginning, I can still say I’m proud for them (seeing them shed their label as a ‘recycled group.’

Truth to be told, there are quite a lot of BEAST antis due to this label. Recently, BEAST has came back with their new album Good Luck. Being the over enthusiastic fan I am, I checked the comments for a few days straight 24/7.

And guess what I saw.

An anti’s comment, right smack in the middle of the comments for the music video. I was horrified of course, as he/she was targeting the scandals that happened a few years back, and an alleged racist comment made by Dongwoon during CUBE maknae’s interview.

I would like to address this issues one by one.

1) Dongwoon’s apparent racist comment the day before their comeback:

He mentioned that Kikwang had a black’s swag. For me, I do not think there is much issue. Swag, in current context, is a positive connotation, and Kikwang is known to have Chris Brown as his role model. Thus, I am sure that it is more of a compliment than not.

Also, he was asked to talk about Doojoon’s photo. This anti targeted Dongwoon’s speech without knowing the full story. Dongwoon commented that he didnt like the photo as Doojoon looked too dark. Dongwoon did not mean that Doojoon looked like a black; in fact it was because Doojoon was shadowed in that picture

I can only say that this issue was blown out of proportion.

2) Kikwang’s black face in 2010:

We can only apologize for this issue. It is insensitive for Kikwang to have done this and we, B2UTIEs, acknowledge that it is our oppa’s fault. However, it is also partially the show’s fault for them to make Kikwang do this on broadcast. In 2010, BEAST was still considered a rookie group. Quite a lot of shows has been notorious for making black faces on broadcast and even other idols, so do please forgive Kikwang for this mistake.

Once again, we apologize.

3) Doojoon’s reaction to a (I’m sorry) fat international fan in 2012:

I cannot help defend Doojoon on this issue.

I know some B2UTIEs have said that it was just a slip, but I believe that the damage has been done.

On the other hand, he is surrounded by idols everyday, and definitely used to seeing women who fit the standard of Kpop idol beauty. Also, is it also the MC’s fault for picking out that fan. It’s as though it was deliberate.

However, I do not think that Doojoon’s reaction had been appropriate and sincerely apologize for this careless insensitivity.

B2UTIEs are indeed apologetic of BEAST’s insensitivity at times.

However, dont you think it has been a long time since this incidents have passed? What’s the point of bringing this incidents up after 2-4 years? By now, most of the fans might have already forgotten about it/new fans may not have even heard about it.

Everyone’s human, and just because they’re idols, do we have the right to nitpick on everything they do?

We are aware that they were wrong, and with the public’s backlash, I am sure that they are ashamed.

But, they are not the same person as they were 2-4 years ago. They have matured in their own way.

What I want to say is, with all the peace around BEAST lately, is there really a need to bring up old scandals to satisfy your need to bring them down?

-a B2UTY who is annoyed at all these scandals resurfacing

P.S. the comment has already been taken down, based on the user’s own will or due to abuse reports, we do not know.

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