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KPop Secrets Rules

Since there had been some problem regarding secrets posted in this site, we are now implementing rules to avoid more trouble.

1. NO RACISM & SEXISM. Racist, sexist, and/or homophobic secrets/comments will not be published as to prevent fights and discrimination between people of different nationalities, sexes, and/or sexual orientations.

2. HATE SECRETS WILL BE REJECTED. Constructive criticisms will still be accepted, but in moderation. If we don’t see the point in your argument, we’ll reject the secret right away. Refrain from being too harsh. Using the word hate in your secret and wishing disbandment for groups will be breaking this rule.

3. RANDOM KPOP BLABBERS WILL BE IGNORED. This rule means that if we find your submission to simply be a public announcement or something you have no problem saying with your identity attached to it, then it’s not a secret.

Make sure the admins can answer this question: “Why does the OP need to be anonymous?”. The answer to this question can be implied through the secret or stated explicitly in the s!b.


5. NOTIFY WHEN PLUGGING. Anyone who wants to plug something on the site should message the admins first before taking any action. The admins of this blog will be willing to help anyone in promoting a site. Plugging will be done once a week.

Please be reminded that we do not promote personal blogs.


  • all text secrets: submit them HERE.
  • all photo secrets: submit your url link HERE.
  • suggestions/questions/violent reactions: they will be entertained HERE.

7. TEXT SUBMISSIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED ANONYMOUSLY. No need to put "this is an anonymous post”, just submit it anonymously. Here’s a tutorial: how to submit text secrets anonymously. If not submitted anonymously, we will either ignore the submission or message you personally about it (most likely the latter rather than the former).

8. NON-KPOP IDOL SUBMISSONS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. The admins will still accept secrets regarding fanforums and kpop in general but not secrets about private individuals.

Also, make sure that in the secret, when using quotes from people on Youtube, AKP, etc, you thoroughly remove their name/username, as to prevent causing any inconvenience to them.

9. SECRETS WITH OTHER ARTISTS’ FANCLUB NAME WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED so as to avoid fanwars. You can discuss fanclubs, but as a third person. Meaning you do not mention your own fanclub in order to avoid people who disagree with the secret to think that you are representative of the fanclub. 

Also, secrets which discusses your love for a group will not be accepted if the s!b says that you are in a fandom which does not coincide with the group you’re discussing. This brings up a misconception that your fanclub can’t like that group.

If a submitter failed to follow these rules, his/her submission will be posted at the UNAPPROVED SUBMISSION SECTION.

We hope you understand why we made these rules and you abide by them. 

Always, thank you for your support and we hope to bring you more kpop secrets in the future!

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