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21 October 11

Friends with benefits?

I sometimes wonder if any k-idols ever have any “special” relationships with each other. I know that a lot of idols have really close friendships with other idols  and I wonder if they’ve ever taken it farther than that. The more I think of it, the more it makes sense to me. They’re all at the age where there’s a lot of sexual frustration and it doesn’t help much that their own coworkers are wearing just as little as them. Why not just have sex with a close friend where there are no expectations, just a few minutes/hours of fun and then there’s also the add-on of not having to stress over a relationship.

s!b - A lot of fans think their biases are so innocent that they would never even THINK of having sex. I think that is just ridiculous, I’ve read countless interviews where different idols have said that they do talk to their bandmates about attractive members in other groups, etc. If these idols behave anything like the people I know around their age, then yes, they are interested in sex and they probably aren’t even virgins.

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    I wonder that myself too
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    I bet more than half of them aren’t even virgins anymore tbh. Most of them are probably in secret relationships rn so. I...
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    i always think the same way.
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    seriously guys they’re all human and cultural differences and views aside their still humans with urges
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    Idols get laid. That’s a fact.
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