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November 09 2011, 12:30 PM

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IDOLS having relationships

I’m not being an attention whore, but fans should respect KPOP couples. I’m an SONE, i admit that. I’ll take the least favorite, Choi Sooyoung. I am friends with Sooyoungsters, they ship almost every guy pairing for Sooyoung, I asked one of them why they do that. She told me that Love is something that Sooyoung is lacking at. 

They want to see her MORE inspired and happy with life. she’s getting older, and they’re sure that the other member has secret relationships with other guys. But it’s always loud and clear how other members tells that they want sooyoung to experience love (relationship type)

I think, once this girl gets attached with someone and make it official, you would see how Sones and Sooyoungster will support her, even if the guy is not famous. As a Sone, I’d rather see Sooyoung be with someone who’s not an Idol, because i could notice how Sooyoung is trying to avoid hugging guys too much, maybe she’s scared of others fans, or maybe, she’s just really conservative and respects the other fans that their Oppa doesn’t wanna get attached.

I really want it to happen to show the other Fandom how they should support their Idols.

i hated what happened on Siwon and stella kim. elfs were so mean about the “RUMORS” 

while on the other hand, HARA was being bashed. 

What kind of fans are you? Delusional that your Oppa would marry you? I mean, would they even notice you? Would they even understand you clearly once you meet them? If i were an Idol, I’d rather have no fans than have millions of fans that’s full of shits. 

I mean, FANS are one of the most important way to be one of their fandoms. I became a sone because I was welcomed by them warmly. I am also a kamillia because their fans are pretty kind. Same as being Elf or blackjack and many more.

People will respect your Oppa(s) and Unnie(s) if the Fans respect other groups too. You don’t have to like other groups, right? Then leave them alone. Don’t bash, Dont start fanwars. 

Especially when your Idols finally found someone special. Respect. If your Unnies have boyfriends, dont bash the guy. If your Oppa has a girlfriend, dont bash the girl. because your idols LOVES that person. Those Idols might choose that person than being in the stage, performing for you FANS.

It’s possible, I’m just saying.

Our idols might grow tired of fans. You can’t control them forever. They’re growing, falling in love and one day, they’ll have their own families.

Let’s respect them. All of us have gotten hurt because of WORDS/BASHING. Let’s not do it to others who aren’t doing anything bad. It’s their right to date anyone they want. It’s their life.

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    I somehow agree on this . Not in terms of Sooyoung, but in overall terms of idols having relationship…with another idol...
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    THIS^ /claps/
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    We must all change for the better towards each other :]
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