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11 November 11

Korean double standards on the weight of idol females vs. males

I consider myself to be a HUGE k-pop fan but sometimes when I read articles about things going on in the typical life of an idol and can help but voice my opinion on the matter. My biggest issue with kentertainment is the fact that companies put an incredible amount of pressure on these idols (ESPECIALLY FEMALES) when it comes to losing weight especially girl groups (and we all know this to be true). I never understood why when girl groups lose weight fans always say “wow unni you look amazing what kind of diet were you on to lose the weight?” meanwhile all I see is a malnurished sleep deprived person who is in serious need of some 갈비(kalbi which is korean for ribs) pronto, example when yuri of snsd lost weight people said she looked good after the weight loss but I thought she looked unhealthy almost like she starved herself to lose the weight, when she was perfectly fine before. Male idols lose weight as well but it seems to have the opposite effect on fans, example when younghwa of c.n. blue lost weight his fans were concerned for his health saying things like “oppa you don’t look to good are you eating properly” and “your health is more important so please take better care of yourself”. Seeing comments like that seriously pissed me off because it makes it seem like girls have to maintain a stick figure in order to be deemed “sexy” and “healthy” but when a guy does it people think he lost too much weight and that he should eat more, situations like that really leave me confused because if idols are public figures and role models that should set good examples for their fans, shouldn’t health come first and foremost? or is it a situation where people should do as they say and not as they do?

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