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December 21 2011, 03:51 AM

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I used to kind of hate the fact that I’m a gay kpop stan because I always have to deal with the fact that so many male idols hate people like me. G.O. from MBlaq said that he avoided Key from Shinee at first because he thought he was gay. Junho refused to befriend Hong Suk Choon because of his image… things like that hurt.

However, I was listening to the song Be Mine by by Infinite after they sang a bit backstage with my girls Miss A. I knew nothing about them but the song was nice so I looked them up and I found a video about them. In this video, there was a cute boy named Hoya who had received a love message from a fanboy, but what struck me was the fact that his reply was so kind and he didn’t even seem to care that the boy who sent it was probably gay.

I began to pay more attention to them and realized that this group encourages fanboys and that they have a lot of them (gay and straight… the gay fanaccounts are quite funny if you understand korean, they talk about avoiding cameras and sitting in the back of the theatre where its dark lol). There was even one incident where they specifically chose a fanboy over a fangirl to come to the stage for Woohyun.

It really warms my heart to know that there are kpop groups like this and that it’s okay to be a male kpop fan who is more into male idols. It’s not like I’m in love with them, I simply see them from a fan’s perspective. They also made me really see just how much potential those little name groups have.

s!b: I passed them off as just another idol group and ignored them all this time that now I am guilty about it because they are so loveable with good hearts and deserve whatever good happens to them. My fellow inspirits wouldn’t be pleased to know that I used to think groups like infinite were a waste of space and better off disbanded.

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    This is why I like Infinite. They are a pretty open group and they don’t discriminate. I remember in this interview Hoya...
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