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February 07 2012, 01:56 AM

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Siwon & Homosexuality

I always think that Siwon is gay, but his religion just makes him in denial.

Remember what he said in 2007? He said that he didn’t acknowledge that homosexuality exist. What. The. Heck.

Homosexuality exists, like it or not, the only people who say it doesn’t exist are extreme homophobes who don’t even want to see the word gay, or gays who are truly in denial & fiercely can’t accept that they are gays. And I think Siwon is the latter one.

And I think, now, he wants to proof to himself that he’s straight (by tweeting girl-bait tweets).

It’s like a gay-in-denial-guys who continue to have sex with girls to proof himself that he’s not gay.

I’m just sad… if he was really gay, his religion (and korea’s culture) shouldn’t be something that makes him hide his true self.

s:b: Most of Siwon fans like Siwon for his religiousness & my secret  is obviously opposite of that ._.

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    I can’t imagine him as homophobic at this point in time: he whores himself out to virtually every ship during tours!! He...
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    Oh wow, these are amusing.
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    one day he will marry me n u all will know he is or not…
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    *sigh*, can’t people just let this go? we will never know. period. And to put it out bluntly, I really don’t give a fuck...
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    i personally just think Siwon’s a bit of a dick. I can not stand religious people who use their faith to justify...
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    The question is: Who, except for many Siwon fans, doesn’t think he’s gay?
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