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15 April 12

'Gay' Idols

I have a friend who thinks that she has the greatest gaydar on earth, and therefore ‘knows’ when someone is gay/ lesbian.

It pisses me off so much.

She always points out ‘gay’ behaviour from Heechul, Key, Kevin, Jokwon, Sungjong etc, saying that there is no way that they aren’t gay.

Personally, I think that they are the types of people who are so confident with their sexuality that they can act however without really being that fazed.

But when I told her this, she just glared and told me that I knew nothing about kpop or idols and that I was homophobic and that even if they weren’t gay, she would never believe it since she is always right…

I’m sorry, I had no idea that a person’s sexual orientation defined their whole existence (why is someone being gay so important to people?), and I’m sorry for having differing views from you.

Also, if your ‘gaydar’ was as good as you say it is, you would have realised that I’m gay and have had a partner for two years ages ago.

s!b: As much as she annoys me, she is also one of my closest friends and I treasure our friendship outside of kpop.

s!b2: she follows me on tumblr

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