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April 20 2012, 05:32 AM

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Kpop and Illuminati

Man, I don’t mean to bash kpop or what, but when it comes the relation about illuminati and kpop, fans always bashing it. You know, maybe it is true. After all the illuminati symbols are used as people daily use. For example : OK symbol which in illuminati said as devil’s horns, and wink. Well, that is only funky thingy and just a habit. Most of people don’t know about that.

About illuminati, now it starts to get popular in kpop industry specially after late 2009’s. I’m quite disappointed with them. I don’t care if you kpop fans wants to bash me or whatever. Yes, I am religious and a christian, that’s why. You can hate religion, but to be compared with humans, for me i’ve decide my priority. Besides, some of them are christian right ? They don’t need to tell people their religion. So far, illuminati tracked in B1A4, SM, YG artists the most.

Fans are shouting. They said it is a nonsense, even they are bashing the people who said about illuminati. And people these days, are so ignorant. Especially with religion. Well, to me, i love kpop but the God should be my heart’s master.

I know that sometimes it is the AGENCY, COMPOSERS and STYLISTS fault. I can accept that to rookies like B1A4 they are still green after all. but you know the other seniors, i think they can decide something. the matter is what is their priority. 

But i cannot blame them. In fact i’m a hardcore fans of them. Even in the beginning of their debut. I feel their talent really well, I even buy their albums tho I’m in the separate countries, bluntly different worlds. And as soon as I listen to their music, make me hype up and through the day nicely. But I’m grateful that the songs i like in kpop industry mostly doesn’t mean particular meaning in illuminati, except in b1a4’s ok, the top of my playlist T___T

In the end, I’m sorry of I insulted the fans, but this is just the feeling i cannot hide. For people who dunno abt illuminati can search on google if you want to. At the first time, I cannot accept the fact too. But now I know that I have to be patient and accept the fact. I’m so sad knowing these things tho i’m happy seeing them winning at musics shows T___T

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