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15 May 12


Please, just take a seat and shush. It aggravates me to NO END when people say things like “All of the ELFs are leaving Suju for EXO.” “It seems like most of the EXO fans are old SHAWOLS..”

For one, I’m sure NOT all the ELFs are. Why can’t you be a fan of two groups at once? 

You can easily be a fan of two groups, and be dedicated to both.

But even if they are old SHAWOLS, or SONES are whatever, SO WHAT? Its their own decision. If they want to leave their current fandom for some thing else, let them. Its not you, so don’t worry about it.

Like honestly, do you people expect new fans to rise from the ground every time a new group debuts? 

S!B: i dont want to get hate just because 99% people think you cant like new groups/belong to more than one fandom. -_-“

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