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June 24 2012, 02:46 PM

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Jaejoong is gay/bisexual?

I’ve seen so many people say jaejoong is gay or bisexual. But the thing is, the only reasons they give are a) he’s feminine and girly, which doesn’t prove anything, because they’re only stereotyping homosexuals, not all gay men are feminine and not all feminine men are gay. And b) “because of yunjae!!!11!!” which is probably the most stupid reason ever because yunjae has got to be the fakest couple in the history of couples. I don’t know how people can still ship them.

Personally, i think jaejoong is 100% straight. Why? For one thing, all those pre-debut pictures of him with his ex-girlfriends. Heck, there’s even a VIDEO of him with his ex-girlfriend. I’ve never seen people spreading around a picture of him with an alleged ex-boyfriend (that picture of him supposedly kissing another guy is just him playing around with his hyung, who he was very close to). Another reason is because of the boner he got when all those female dancers were dancing and grinding around him. I’ve never seen him get a boner when around male dancers. 

Also, remember that audio when he was cussing at those sasaengs? He was raging about how he couldn’t even get a girlfriend because of sasaengs. GIRLfriend, not BOYfriend, not lover (for those saying he’s bisexual). And this wasn’t even in public where he would have to watch his words, this was him (most probably) drunk leading him to say what he was really thinking. And if he was actually gay, don’t you think he would’ve let it slip during this time?

Another thing, if he was gay, i think he would try to hide it better. Instead, he’s going around openly hanging out with hong seok cheon in gay bars in itaewon. If he was gay, he would probably be more careful with his actions so that people won’t accuse him of being gay. 

s!b: i’ve gotten bashed and ridiculed whenever i say that i think he’s straight. They either accuse me of being a homphobe or call me a delusional fangirl who dreams of being with her oppa one day. Just because i don’t think he’s gay doesn’t mean I’m a homophobe. And just because I’m only 15, doesn’t mean I’m delusional, I know I’ll never have a chance with him. As a matter of fact, my biggest wish is that he has a girlfriend right now and that they can come out as a couple soon and get married. 

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    know… but i get...“gay vibe” from junsu… just
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    1- Yes, he HAD girlfriends before. We...talking about HIS PAST. Do you
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    1. yunjae is fake. there’s no reason to assess anything. 2. actually, it is. you clearly don’t have that many close...
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    If he was gay, he would probably be more careful with his actions so that people won’t accuse him of being gay.
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    Italasized points If you think yunjae is fake you need to reassess your conclusion It’s okay to kiss people you’re close...
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