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August 02 2012, 02:41 PM

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A few days ago I was having a mini SNSD concert with myself by watching their 1st and 2nd Asia Tour videos consecutively. As I watched the 2nd Asia Tour, I realized how much the girls have grown and matured into 9 beautiful young women and I’m so proud of how far they have come to where they are today. But after watching the 2 concerts, I have some thoughts…

1st Asia Tour: I feel that the girls had more enthusiasm and energy. The Soshi Bond and the genuine love for what they are doing was really shown in this concert, especially when they sang Complete and holding hands in a circle and bowing in a circle. I don’t know how to put it but the 1st Asia Tour really sums up everything about Girls’ Generation. Their times spent together, all their blood sweat and tears, their bond and love for each other, their energy and power on stage.

2nd Asia Tour: Sure, the stage is much more glamorous and all (in fact it’s PERFECT), but somehow I feel that there is something missing. I feel that the passion, enthusiasm and energy was not as great as the previous tour. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just the girls being tired from all the work after being in the kpop industry for a few years.

Then I read a few posts on KPS about how SNSD (or a few members) are not as “good” as they used to be and I suddenly felt sad and worried. If they’re losing motivation and passion, I really hope they can find it back. And I also really hope that Jessica will return to the powerful Jess. She’s my favourite member for 4 years and I know she has lots of potential. It’s sad to see her not caring about performances sometimes nowadays.

S!B: well this is pretty much an unpopular opinion about SNSD

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