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August 05 2012, 10:59 AM

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Kyung getting surgery and fuck the Korean “ideal of beauty”

Recently a lot of BBC have wondered why Kyung keeps wearing his little “mask” around his chin. Well, it’s because he got plastic surgery (You can clearly see that on the last photo he posted on twitter). It pisses me off so much. I’m not judging Kyung - it’s South Korea. They have their “rules” about beauty (big eyes, fair skin, v-line face shape, …) and seem to think that everyone who doesn’t fit the scheme is ugly. Kyung isn’t considered as handsome (at all) in Korea… And it’s just horrible to know that he felt so..pressured to operate and change his face. Ok, we don’t know if it was his own decision or not … and I don’t care either - it’s just that this whole industry is so fucked up. Plastic surgery is “common” and thoroughly accepted (in South Korea). 

As a BBC, I’m also kind of disappointed… I always thought Block  B wasn’t mainly about the looks. Back then, they were the ones derping on the red carpet, the ones who write their own music, the ones who are different. Now, Block B aren’t too different from any other K-Pop groups. Aside from the fact that they make their own music - which is awesome, I know… But Zico having all the screen time, Kyung getting surgery; It made me realize that Block B is now also officially a “K-Pop boy group”. I’m disappointed.

S!b: I know I’d lose followers who I really really like a lot

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    lol poor kyung my bby
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    I partly agree with the above, just that - are you guys being for real? Do you really think that all of this is just a...
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    ^ Yeah, people should just shut the fuck up about PS thingy. it’s their jaw, their body THEIR MONEY, IF THEIR FAMILY...
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    Okay, just saw this now. I don’t know if it’s confirmed. I don’t know if it’s just a rumor. Surgery… I honestly don’t...
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    I have a very sensitive issue when it regards about “Surgery”. Kyung is very handsome on his natural way. I don’t get it...
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    Umm, wtf. I can’t speak for Kyung(which is me also telling you that as well), but isn’t it possible that just he himself...
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    feels better after supposedly~~~~...plastic surgery, good for him.