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February 18 2011, 02:47 PM

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In my opinion, Big Bang is overrated. They produce nice songs, they have good members but they are seriously receiving far too much attention. I’m not saying they are not talented and I personally like them. However, I think they should really get some vocal training because I think they lack the most basic skill that idols require - singing. The only decent singer is Daesung and it is kind of ironic that he is not receiving as much attention as the other members. Taeyang was just lucky enough to get a good song (Wedding Dress) which he didn’t even compose/create himself. Don’t even get me started on GD & TOP’s recent album and how Big Bang is getting a one-hour long comeback show on SBS.

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    omfg. I 100% agree.
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    I like BB but there’s some truth in what the OP is saying. Especially about Dae Sung.
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    ^ Plus, The wonders of “APPEAL”! It’s like there’s something more about them that makes VIPs gaga about them. And have...
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    hhmm prolly ur a D-Lite big fan and u think it was unfair for him not having a solo this time… esp. before BB’s...
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    I like Big Bang (well, their Japanese releases more than their Korean) and couldn’t agree more. Yes, they’re a good...
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    I think that they have good voices…but I do agree to some extent. It baffles me exactly how much attention they are...
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    lol2u for commenting on GD&TOP’s singing They are rappers okay get the fuck out lol well GD’s voice is fine though it...
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    bitch please.
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    well dear, you know they have nice songs right? you said their members are great. who wouldn’t wanna give attention to...
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    pfft they deserve the attention anon.
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    Now there is going to be so much big bang secrets when they have their comeback. -___-
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    i like them more than that, but i do agree…
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    i respect your opinion, but… i’m not even going to argue the point of “overrated” or “far too much attention” because i...
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    wth are you talking ? Taeyang and Seungri are good singers. You should watch their performance more. Haru Haru, Lies etc...
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    boom. preach sista
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    This bitch can’t even get her information straight. He worked with Teddy on “Wedding Dress” and has a credit for it on...