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February 02 2013, 04:00 PM

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Taeyeon makes me feel better about myself

I’m 17 years old but I look like I’m 12.  I’m 5’1, 32AA, and I have a non-existent butt which makes my stomach look a lot bigger than it really is.  A lot of guys (and girls) and my school make fun of me saying that I have the body of a little boy and that I will attract pedophiles.  I want to dress cutely like all the other girls my age but I’m so insecure about my body so I just hide it in baggy clothes.

I just recently saw the TaeNy Lost in Love duet and I noticed that Taeyeon’s stomach was sticking out in her dress.  I noticed it in a Dancing Queen performance as well.  I was more interested in what her body looked liked so I searched up some pictures of her and saw the picture of Taeyeon in her blue and purple Lady Marmalade outfit and realize she didn’t have boobs or a butt like me!  I know SNSD has nice bodies, but knowing that one of the most popular members has a body similar to mine made me feel better about myself.  She’s one of the most popular in SNSD, but she doesn’t have the best body.  A lot of people like her for her talents and personality, which makes me feel like there will be some people who look past my appearance and maybe like me for who I really am.

s!b! Sones will think I’m bashing on Taeyeon and start attacking me but I just want to show appreciation to her “average” body and how it’s given me more confidence.

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