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19 February 13

MyungStal Shipper

Back in 2011, INFINITE members were asked about their ideal type on their fanmeeting. Myungsoo stated he was interested on “a 5-members-girl-group who recently won #1, she has long wavy hair & has pure/innocent image”. And MyungStal shipper were like “ït’s Krystal f(x)” or “omo it’s definitely Krystal, MyungStal <3” etc. And I was like “WHUTT???”. I mean… what he meant by ‘5-members-girl-group who recently won #1’ could be f(x) (I can’t think of other groups), but how could those shipper so sure the ‘long wavy hair girl with pure/innocent image’ is Krystal? Yes she does has long wavy hair, but pure/innocent image??? Krystal is known for her fierce, cold sometimes bitchy image. Since when she becomes innocent? How could she when she acts all mature & sexy? Just the thought of it already makes me laugh. When I first heard it (Myungsoo’s ideal type), I automatically thought of Sulli. She’s the visual maknae of f(x) because of her innocent looks. She looks younger & cuter than Krystal. Not to mention at that time (2011) she had longer black hair than Krystal, she looked like a doll!! I don’t have anything against MyungStal shipper, you can ship whoever you want, but let’s be realistic here. I know they ship MyungStal since they got paired up on Elite CF, but it doesn’t mean Myungsoo had a crush on Krystal because of it. He could like another members in f(x) or even another female celebs. And I’m not saying he doesn’t like Krystal at all, maybe right now he already changes his ideal type to Krystal or other female celebs. Who knows? Aren’t most kpop artists like to change their ideal type from time to time? So yeah, what I wanna say is you can ship anyone BUT don’t be blind enough to not accept the fact that your bias’ ideal type isn’t someone you ship him with OR your bias isn’t the ideal type of someone you ship her with. If you get what I mean. Myungsoo could be talking about other girl groups though, but if he was indeed talking about f(x) then it was definitely Sulli he was talking about.

S!b : I don’t have tumblr & ‘some’ MyungStal shipper won’t agree with me.

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