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21 March 13

The Kpop Community

I’ve recently got into kpop as of Nov/Dec of 2012. Despite the short time, I’ve really got to know the pros and cons of Kpop.

The Kpop community is one of the worst, most vicious Fandoms I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not trying to bash anybody but lets be real. There are so many crazy fans you can’t even be sure who will or will not get on you for having an opinion about their “oppa”, “unnie” or OTP. Some the time people don’t even acknowledge you because you’re from a certain fandom. Being a Shawol, people usually ASSUME I’m some crazed 12 year old girl. (Like I said, let’s be real. Most the Fandom is made of crazed pre-teen females) There are endless arguments and fan wars, for what? It’s really disheartening to know that you can’t just have a good conversation with anybody that likes Kpop. Sure there are going to be a few bad eggs but not so many. It really makes everybody that’s a fan of Kpop look bad. What we portray within the community can also be analyzed by outsiders. People will think “Oh kpop fans are delusional, they are obsessive and can’t even get along with each other. I don’t want to get into Kpop.” I’m not saying we should care about how others think of us but we should keep it in mind. Sometimes I contemplate leaving so I won’t be surrounded by such negative people. I even got discriminated against because I’m African American and into Kpop. It just disgust me when I see people arguing over GROWN ass idols that can fend for themselves. The ignorance is probably the worst part. Fans pretend that they actually know the idols personally and would hurt somebody for talking about them. Yes I have biases, yes I hate when people say negative things about them but I’m not about to sit here and argue that person down. People are allowed to think your bias is ugly or that your favorite groups suck. You know why? Because everyone has opinions. 

Some of the Fanbase needs to rethink how they carry themselves. Be mature. In a way we’re all representatives of what fans of kpop are like. Our idols make Kpop about fun, happiness and especially UNITY. Sure, all the groups aren’t close but there is a sense of unity between at least *some* of the group members. If not, it’ll grow. We should all be more open and talk to one another. We shouldn’t have such childishly   pointless fights and disagreements. Kpop is simply entertainment that we all seem to enjoy, why not enjoy each other?

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    THIS! Along with the “unnies/oppas didn’t mean it!” and “you’re not a real if…” I got that recently just because I had a...
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    I was bashed too for being african american (even though I’m biracial) by some ksones and shawols…I almost freakin cried...
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    1,000,000X THIS! I got into K-pop around October of last year. I never though I’d get into this type of music (since I’m...
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