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24 August 11

Fat and Skinny in Fandom

Whenever I look at GPOYW pictures of people I follow on tumblr or meet people at a fanmeet, many are fat. it makes me wonder how many people in fandom are just fat and hiding behind a computer criticising skinny/average sized girls for being thin. Why is it ok to criticise skinny people and not fat people? Fat and skinny are not bad words, and being fat or skinny should not be a bad thing either.

S!B I follow someone who I recently found out was fat, and they criticise every skinny girl in the industry. I’m afraid she might have low self-esteem and I might hurt her if I tell her she’s being unfair.

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    Weight image with girls is a double edged sword.
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    Maybe those are the girls that say sexy choreo. is slutty; I mean, they probably can’t do it themselves. I’m mean.
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    I mean but. what’s wrong with being fat but also criticizing skinny girls? Is that bad? I think if I wanted to say...
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    lol i know i shouldn’t be laughing at this but i like this post.
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